Collision Repair Brooklyn

Diamond Auto Body Shop, located at 1396 Utica Ave Brooklyn, NY 11203 is the go-to collision center in Brooklyn. We specialize in insurance claims & support and take the hassle and stress out of the situation your in, ensuring you get your car back as good as new as fast as possible! Specializing in

We would love to hear from you and see how we can assist. Please give us a phone call, fill out the contact form or stop by the shop! If your car is not in the condition to drive to us, we can tow your car for you without a problem!

Bumper Repair

If you’ve been in an accident/collision, restoring your vehicle’s bumper to pristine condition is a top priority. Our team here at Diamond Auto Body specialize in bumper repair services, using advanced techniques and high-quality materials to erase all signs of accident damage. Trust us to bring back the aesthetic appeal and safety of your car, ensuring it looks and performs as if the accident never happened.

Fender Repair

Fender damage can compromise the structural integrity of your vehicle. At Diamond Auto body shop, our fender repair services designed to address dents, scratches, and more. Using precision tools and expert craftsmanship, we restore the shape and condition of your fender, matched perfectly to your car’s original specifications.

Rim Repair

Don’t let damaged rims detract from your vehicle’s performance and appearance. Our rim repair services are tailored to address bends, cracks, and cosmetic issues efficiently. We employ state-of-the-art technology to ensure your rims are not only aesthetically pleasing but also provide a safe and smooth driving experience.

Wheel Repair

Wheel damage can pose a significant safety risk and diminish your vehicle’s operational integrity. Our wheel repair service uses the latest techniques to fix alloy wheels, correcting issues from cosmetic to structural damages. Ensure your wheels are in top condition with our reliable repair services, blending safety with visual appeal.

Door Repair

Accidents can leave vehicle doors unsightly or inoperable; our door repair services are here to reverse that damage. Whether it’s a minor dent or significant structural harm, we meticulously restore the functionality and appearance of your car doors, aligning them perfectly and matching them to your car’s original color and finish.

Window, Windshield and Auto Glass Repair

Shattered or cracked windows can severely impact your driving visibility and vehicle security. Our window replacement services offer high-quality glass tailored to fit your vehicle, installed by certified technicians. Get peace of mind with expertly fitted windows that match your vehicle’s specifications for optimal clarity and durability.

Frame & Chassis Repair & Alignment

The frame and chassis form the backbone of your vehicle; damage here can affect overall vehicle safety and performance. Our specialized services in frame and chassis repair and alignment use cutting-edge technology to accurately measure and restore the correct alignment, ensuring your vehicle drives smoothly and its structural integrity is not compromised.

Car Painting & Color Matching

Revitalize your vehicle’s appearance with our expert car painting and color matching services. Whether you need minor touch-ups or a complete repaint, our skilled technicians use premium paints and industry-leading techniques to achieve a flawless finish that perfectly matches your original color, enhancing your car’s aesthetic and resale value.

Towing In Brooklyn, NY

In the event of an accident, our 24-hour towing service ensures that your vehicle is safely transported to our facility for prompt and professional repair. We provide reliable towing services round the clock, helping you minimize inconvenience during stressful times. Trust us to handle your vehicle with care from roadside to repair. We provide free towing for all collision pickups and returns!